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Planningtorock – aka celebrated gender-queer song writer, composer, producer and director Jam Rostron – has teamed up with Chanel for, ‘PlanningtoChanel’. With four critically acclaimed studio albums of leftfield dance to their name – not to mention various collaborations, operas, film scores and remixes, Planningtorock is a self-taught, non-binary musician, who has spent a decade-plus queering sound and vision as Planningtorock. Planningtorock debuted in the Noughties with 2006’s ‘Have It All (Chicks On Speed), finding artistic community among fellow DIY outliers and gender outlaws such as Peaches and The Knife. Their sound – tense, spellbinding dance music with classical flourishes, unexpected brass and pitched-down vocals – have become Planningotorock’s signature, earning them a dedicated following.


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