New Omega Alive

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? Disc 1

Track Track name Artist Time
Track 1 Alpha – Anteludium Epica
Track 2 Abyss of Time – Countdown to Singularity Epica
Track 3 The Skeleton Key Epica
Track 4 Unchain Utopia Epica
Track 5 The Obsessive Devotion Epica
Track 6 In All Conscience Epica
Track 7 Victims of Contingency Epica

? Disc 2

Track Track name Artist Time
Track 1 Kingdom of Heaven Pt. 1 – A New Age Dawns Part V Epica
Track 2 Kingdom of Heaven Pt. 3 – The Antediluvian Universe Epica

? Disc 3

Track Track name Artist Time
Track 1 Rivers – Acapella Epica
Track 2 Once Upon a Nightmare Epica
Track 3 Freedom – The Wolves Within Epica
Track 4 Cry for the Moon – The Embrace That Smothers Part IV Epica
Track 5 Beyond the Matrix Epica
Track 6 Omega – Sovereign of the Sun Spheres Epica


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