Hot Once Bitten: The CBS Collection

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Ian Hunter occupies a unique place in the pantheon of classic rock music, both as a solo artist and as the focal point of seventies legends Mott the Hoople. Oozing style, attitude and unpredictability, over their five-year reign Mott recorded several eclectic albums and classic songs including the iconic ‘All the Young Dudes’. Guardian of lyricism, honesty and killer hooks, Hunter bravely quit Mott in 1974 and has released over twenty solo albums to date. He is respected as one of rock’s most distinctive artists and there have been countless cover versions of his songs by the likes of Def Leppard, The Monkees, and Status Quo. This collection features 22 tracks from Hunter’s four solo albums recorded for CBS Records between 1975 and 1983, including the hit single ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’.


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