Classic The Sticky Fingers

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The album is named after Sarges’ close friends who she recorded this debut with Rosa Mercedes, Lisa Baeyens and Robert Kretzschmar. It has been recorded in live-sessions at studios of Whitest Boy Alive-keyboardist Daniel Nentwig’s, in Berlin’s Neukolln district. Credit for all musical arrangements and post-production go to Sarges herself, final mixing by Max Rieger. With her debut, Albertine Sarges demonstrates yet again her versatile musical talents, creating her very own world, a world in which community and open discourse count. ‘The Sticky Fingers’ is an album that fights for your attention. It’s an album with twists and turns, emotional peaks and troughs and lyrical themes that are at once intensely close to their author’s own life, yet also universal and able to connect on a much broader level – something that is the mark of all great pop music.


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