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‘Discover’ is the 2021 album by Zucchero ‘Sugar’ Fornaciari. It is the first cover album of Zucchero’s career, who stripped and restyled in his own iconic view, Italian and international music masterpieces. The first single ‘Follow you follow me’ is an engaging reinterpretation of one of the first great worldwide Genesis’ hits. ‘Discover’ unites Zucchero’s two musical souls of the best Italian melodic tradition and the deepest Afro-American roots. Also important are the collaborations with Bono in ‘Canta la Vita’ (Italian version with Italian written lyrics by Zucchero of Bono’s song ‘Let Your Love Be Known’), with Elisa in ‘Luce (Tramonti a Nord Est)’, and with Mahmood in ‘Natural Blues’, Moby’s version of Vera Hall’s song ‘Trouble So hard’. Also included is the intense duet ‘Ho visto Nina volare ‘ with Fabrizio De Andre.


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